Resident Corner

General Information

Drop Box is Located Outside the Fitness Center Entry

Lawn Service on Thursdays Weather Permitting

Change your Furnace Filter Monthly:

  • 16x25x1 For Itasca Floor Plans
  • 14x20x1 For Two Level Floor Plans
  • 14x25x1 For Superior Floor Plans

North Bay Provides Filters for you to pick up the first week in March / June/ September and December.  Please use the fiberglass or foam filters only.  Do not use any pleated or thick filters - contact office with any questions.

Refrigerator Filters Available at Rental Office For $30.00

Check Your Utility Room Frequently For Leaking Pipes

$40.00 Late Fee Applied After the 5th / $80.00 Additional Fee Applied After the 15th

Remember to change your batteries in your smoke and CO detectors.  It is recommended to do this every 6 months.

Fitness Center Is Now Open!

Party Room Rental to will tentatively reopen holiday season 2021.

Please Water Your Shrubs Around Your Patio

Sample Lease

Wondering what is in the rental agreement for North Bay at the Lakes Town Homes? For your convenience, you can view our current lease here.